Alexander J. O'Neill


I am a scholar, writer, and translator. Currently, I am a specially appointed assistant professor at the Deparment of Liberal Arts at Musashino University, Tōkyō. Previously, I seved as a research fellow at the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. I have a broad range of interests, including Sanskrit Buddhist texts and manuscripts from South Asia, especially Nepal. I have a passion for Newar Buddhism and the Newar language and culture. In addition, I am interested broadly in Mahāyāna Buddhism, ranging from Sanskrit and Newar literature to Chinese and Japanese Buddhist texts and practices.

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Academic Qualifications

PhD in Religion, University of Toronto (Title of Doctoral Thesis: "Pustaka Pūjā: A study of Sūtra Worship in Mahāyāna Buddhism"). 

MA in Religion, University of Toronto (Title of Magistral Thesis, “Thresholds Within”).

Hons. BA with High Distinction, Specialist in the History of Religions and Minor in Philosophy, University of Toronto.

Areas of Academic Specialty

Mahāyāna Buddhism; Newar Buddhism; Sanskrit, Newar, Chinese, and Japanese Buddhist literature; Buddhist book worship; Anthropology and Ethnography; Ritual Studies; Materiality studies and agency; Paratextual studies.

Current Areas of Research

Selected Publications